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Global Dwelling is an authorized franchisee of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

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We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from air sealing to ductwork to insulation and HVAC services in Wallkill, NY.

At Global Dwelling, we not only test and investigate your home's energy usage with a custom home energy audit, but once we get the results of the test, we will take the time to discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

  • Attic Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation 
  • Crawl Space Insulation 
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Ductwork, Air Duct Sealing
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Blown-in Cellulose 
  • Blower Door Tests

For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Wallkill, NY, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

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This kneewall space was not properly insulated prior to our experts arrival. Once our team arrived, they installed silverglo boards on the wall bordering the home and air sealed with zypfoam. Then they further insulated the space with blow-in cellulose. 

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No More Cold Crawlspace in Wallkill, NY!


Mrs. A called us with major concerns about her home for these upcoming cold winter months. She was worried because her floors was unbearably cold...

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Upgrading Home in Wallkill, NY!

This home needed a new upgraded attic insulation method in order to reduce the costs to heat and cool the home. These homeowners were worried and had concerns for the performance of their home during the freezing cold months to come. Our home comfort specialist, John Lopez was quick to arrive and provide a solution for this unique home in Wallkill, NY. John found that this home did not have the proper insulation method to keep the heat in, becoming a direct link to the high-cost energy bills the homeowners were receiving. 


After our specialist provided them with the best possible solution for fixing their home, our team was quick to arrive and start the upgrade! Our team first began with removing any old insulation or debris that was in the attic space. After, our experts then air-sealed the attic with ZypFoam. They then installed a platform so that the homeowners could finally use their attic as a space to store personal items. The platform was installed by using plywood boards that were air-sealed with ZypFoam so that any accessible air penetrations were sealed off. Once finished, our experts then insulated the space up to an R-value of 60 by blowing in up to 18 inches of cellulose! These homeowners will now have their peace of mind restored knowing that their home is both properly insulated and air-sealed! 

Upgrading Home in Wallkill, NY! - Photo 1
Total Clean Space Encapsulation System in Wallkill, NY!

When Mrs. A first contacted us here at Global Dwelling, she had major concerns about her crawlspace area. She and her family complained that the floors would never heat up and were constantly freezing cold during the winter months. So we sent one of our highly trained home comfort specialists to the home to provide a solution that would restore peace of mind for her and her family. Our home comfort specialist found that Mrs. A needed the exterior walls in her crawlspace insulated as well as encapsulated in order to mitigate moisture that was slowly becoming a problem for the home. 


Our insulation experts were quick to arrive at the home in order to start the crawlspace encapsulation. Our experts first started by removing all of the old batt fiberglass and clearing out the area of any debris that had also accumulated in the space. Once the space was clean, our experts installed Foamax boards along all of the exposed exterior walls, so the floors above would no longer become freezing in the cold winter months! After our experts installed the Foamax boards, they then laid down a drainage matt that was secured to the foamax boards with vapor barrier tape. Once the drainage matt was secured, our experts completed the installation of our total clean space encapsulation system by installing a vapor barrier on top of the drainage matt and both were secured together by vapor barrier tape. 


This space is now well insulated and properly encapsulated, ensuring that this family will no longer suffer from cold feet from freezing floors! 

Work Requests From Wallkill, NY
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
We just bought our house in Wallkill and it's an old house and very drafty. We want to save on heating costs by insulating it.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
Wish to determine the feasibility of bolstering insulation in attic
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
The floors are cold in the winter. Although the heat is on high it still feels cold. We have to use space heaters to keep warm.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
We feel like our home consumes too much energy and would like to at least identify why. There's a couple things we know (deteriorating seals on windows), and we think we have an old boiler, but we're pretty sure we shouldn't be going through 220 gallons of oil per month in the winter and if we're losing heat in the winter, we're probably losing cool in the summer. We'd like to be more efficient overall, and ideally move away from oil, but we don't know what's involved.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
Home isn't very efficient downstairs... missing insulation and very cold! Please help!
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
Better insulation in attic to keep floor beneath warmer
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
I am interested in air sealing, insulation upgrading and spray foam.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
Want to insulate around rim joists around the basement ceiling. Basement is unfinished. Thanks
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
I currently have solar panels and produce more energy then I use. I am thinking about replacing my central air compressor with a heat source heat pump. Before I do that I want to see how tight my house is to make sure the heat pimp can adequately heat the house. I currently use oil to heat my home and I hope to drastically cut back on my oil use. I looked at your service area and it looks like I am in it, I live about 2 miles south of Plattekill, NY I would like to get an estimate. I would also like an estimate on sealing my A/C duct work.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
Feel draft in cellar by ceiling by soffits and in kitchen cabinet where microwave vent runs through. Want to save energy.
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
1) attic insulation 2) potential floor insulation in basement
Project Location: Wallkill, NY
We believe we are using way to much propane.