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For over 10 years, Global Dwelling has provided homeowners with the home improvements they need. We are the Ulster Park, NY areas full-service contractor specializing in energy efficiency upgrades and home insulation. We offer a wide range of services from attic insulation, basement & crawlspace insulation, air sealing, ductwork solutions, and free home energy audits. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our extensive range of services and how we can fix your uncomfortable home!

Attic Insulation Company

If you are looking for money saving strategies and to provide your home with more comfortable, even temperature, give Global Dwelling a call. With attic insulation, you can get on the right track for improving your homes energy consumption. With our SuperAttic System we can provide you with an installation in 1-2 days, with a permanent, no-maintenance, energy saving improvement. We specialize in blown-in insulation, ice damming, attic mold services, and more. Give us a call today to learn more!

Basement & Crawl Space Insulation in Ulster Park, NY

The benefits of basement and crawlspace wall insulation are endless. With our insulation products, you don’t have to worry about wet, soggy, fiberglass batt insulation that can easily fall out of place or grow mold. Basements and crawlspaces perform better when they are air-sealed and insulated properly. These upgrades not only improve your home’s energy efficiency, but help provide you and your family with a durable foundation. Contact us for a free estimate!

Air Sealing Solutions For You

We provide homeowners of Ulster Park, NY with FREE home energy audits. Air sealing attics, windows, basements, and other areas of your home, will save you money and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Our home energy audits, can determine the quantity of air leaking out of your home and pinpoint exactly where the leaking is occurring. If you have an interest in having us diagnose your home’s problem areas, get in contact with us today!

Don’t wait any longer, and make the home improvements you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call today and find out about our home energy solutions and receive your free estimate!

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This crawlspace was damp and poorly insulated prior to our teams arrival. Once our experts arrived they air sealed and insulated by encapsulating the entire space. They used silverglo on the walls and a vapor barrier along the ground sealed right up to the walls.  

Case Studies From Ulster Park

Total Clean Space Crawlspace Encapsulation in Ulster Park, NY


Here at Global Dwelling, we frequently get calls from customers who have problems with their homes but don't know exactly where to start, so they...

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Crawlspace Encapsulation for Mr. H

When Mr. H called us, he had concerns about his floors being cold during the winter. One of our highly trained home comfort specialists went to his home to perform a home comfort evaluation in order to see where his major problem areas were. Our home comfort specialist found that the crawlspace under his home was poorly insulated and needed to be upgraded. Our specialists suggested that Mr. H improve his crawlspace with a total clean space encapsulation system along with properly insulating the space with SprayFoam. 


The main priority of our team of expert insulators was to fix Mr. H's problem in his home and restore his peace of mind. First, our team removed all of the old batt fiberglass insulation and debris in the space. Our team then air-sealed the crawlspace with SprayFoam to completely close up any easily accessible air penetrations. They then went in and started the installation of the new total clean space encapsulation system. The system is a drainage matt that is placed first and sealed to a vapor barrier with vapor barrier tape. The combination of both the drainage mat and the vapor barrier diminishes moisture mitigation in the area. 


We were more than happy to be the right team of expert insulators to help fix Mr. H's uncomfortable home! Now Mr. H's peace of mind is restored for this upcoming winter season!

When you have awesome Customers!

Mr. Gaffney was a wonder to work for! His good sense of humor and how he interacted with everyone who works for the company was a true pleasure. He was in need of his old fiberglass insulation to be removed and we replaced it with blown in cellulose.  With this project we encapuslated his crawl space as well. Mr. Gaffney was very understanding and very patient with our team all the way up to the completion of his project! We left with a finished project that the customer was happy with. 

Work Requests From Ulster Park, NY
Project Location: Ulster Park, NY
Heat loss; making decisions re: heating/cooling solutions for the future
Project Location: Ulster Park, NY
Old insulation
Project Location: Ulster Park, NY
Had a severe rodent infestation, trying to resolve the damage and part of that is the basement insulation is full of rodent droppings and needing to be replaced. Insulation is behind a dropped ceiling in a mostly finished basement and exposed in a boiler room. Current insulation is fiberglass, but open to other options.