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For over 10 years, Global Dwelling has provided homeowners with the home improvements they need. We are the Rhinebeck, NY areas full-service contractor specializing in energy efficiency upgrades and home insulation. We offer a wide range of services from attic insulation, basement & crawlspace insulation, air sealing, ductwork solutions, and free home energy audits. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our extensive range of services and how we can fix your uncomfortable home!

Attic Insulation Company

If you are looking for money saving strategies and to provide your home with more comfortable, even temperature, give Global Dwelling a call. With attic insulation, you can get on the right track for improving your homes energy consumption. With our SuperAttic System we can provide you with an installation in 1-2 days, with a permanent, no-maintenance, energy saving improvement. We specialize in blown-in insulation, ice damming, attic mold services, and more. Give us a call today to learn more!

Basement & Crawl Space Insulation in Rhinebeck, NY

The benefits of basement and crawlspace wall insulation are endless. With our insulation products, you don’t have to worry about wet, soggy, fiberglass batt insulation that can easily fall out of place or grow mold. Basements and crawlspaces perform better when they are air-sealed and insulated properly. These upgrades not only improve your home’s energy efficiency, but help provide you and your family with a durable foundation. Contact us for a free estimate!

Air Sealing Solutions For You

We provide homeowners of Rhinebeck, NY with FREE home energy audits. Air sealing attics, windows, basements, and other areas of your home, will save you money and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Our home energy audits, can determine the quantity of air leaking out of your home and pinpoint exactly where the leaking is occurring. If you have an interest in having us diagnose your home’s problem areas, get in contact with us today!

Don’t wait any longer, and make the home improvements you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call today and find out about our home energy solutions and receive your free estimate!

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Before the arrival of our insulation experts, this family was suffering from an uncomfortable home. They told us here at Global Dwelling that their home seemed like it would never reach its desired temperature. We sent our team of experts to help fix this uncomfortable home!


Upon the arrival of our insulation experts, they first began with removing and disposing of all of the old batt fiberglass insulation that was previously in the space. Once clear and free, our team was ready to air-seal the attic by using ZypFpoam. By using ZypFoam, our experts have sealed off leaky or unwanted air from getting into the space and affecting the overall temperature. Once the attic was air-sealed, our team was ready to upgrade this home with our premier method of insulation, blown-in cellulose! Not only is our method known to be energy efficient and cost-effective, but will now insulate this home up to an R-value of 60! We are so happy we were able to help this family and restore their peace of mind! 

Case Studies From Rhinebeck

Home Attic Insulation Upgrade in Rhinebeck, NY!


This homeowner knew that his home needed to be improved and upgraded in order for it to perform well for this upcoming winter and become more...

Job Stories From Rhinebeck, NY
Upgraded Insulation for Mr. S in Rhinebeck, NY!

Mr. S was suffering from a very uncomfortable home this past summer and knew he needed to upgrade his home before the cold winter months approached. So we sent one of our home comfort specialists to his home to fully evaluate why his home was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in the changing seasons. We discovered that Mr. S had old fiberglass insulation in his attic that was becoming a direct link to why his home was underperforming. Our specialist came up with the best plan possible in order to improve the home before the freezing temperatures arrived. 


Our insulation contractors were quick to arrive at the home and start removing all of the old batt fiberglass that was previously installed. Once the removal and disposal were finished our team was then ready to complete the attic air-sealing. We complete our air-sealing with ZypFoam because once applied the ZypFoam expands which thoroughly encloses all of the once accessible air penetrations that were in the space. Lastly, our team then insulates the space by blowing in up to 18 inches of cellulose that will insulate the home up to an R-value of 60.


Mr. S was happy that he contacted us here at Global Dwelling because our premier method of insulation is known to be energy-efficient and he could already feel the difference! We are more than happy to be the right team of home attic insulation contractors to fix his home! 

Blown-In Cellulose For Mr. S's Uncomfortable Home!

When Mr. S called us here at Global Dwelling, he wanted to know more about how he could improve the overall performance of his home and scheduled a home energy audit with one of our home comfort specialists. We sent one of our highly trained home comfort specialists to his home to provide a very thorough evaluation and to provide the best possible solution in order to improve the overall efficiency and performance of his home. Upon the evaluation, his attic was discovered to be poorly insulated with old batt fiberglass insulation. The poorly insulated attic space was becoming a direct link to the reason his energy bills were becoming increasingly high cost and why his home felt as though it was underperforming. 


Our team of insulation experts was quick to fix Mr. S's attic in order to restore his peace of mind. They first started by removing all of the old batt fiberglass insulation and clearing out debris that was left in the space. Our experts then went into the attic and thoroughly air-sealed any and all of the easily accessible air penetrations. Our team of experts did this step in order to properly air-seal the space from any leaky or unwanted air. Lastly, they upgraded the attic space by properly insulating it with our cost-effective, energy-efficient, fluffy blown-in cellulose! Not only will our premier method of insulation improve the overall performance of the home, but it will also insulate it up to an R-value of 60!


Mr. S noticed an immediate difference in how his home felt at the completion of his project. He was excited to see how this would reflect in his energy bills in the following months. Thank you Mr. S for allowing us to be the home insulation experts to fix your uncomfortable home!

Operations Manager- Time to Hit The Road!!

This past week, I had the opportunity as the Operations Manager, to venture out on my first install project with the team.  Our 3 man team was tasked with a fairly standard job; basement wall insulation with our Silverglo Foam Board.  Boy did I not know what a standard basement job meant!!

It was a honor spending time with the team and learning the hands on aspect of our business from those who do it everyday.  It opened my eyes to the challenges and struggles you can see at the jobsite.  


When reviwing jobs and scheduling installs, I am going to take a much deeper look at what we do and how it will impact the team.  Thank you boys for allowing me to spend the time and being great teachers.


And an even bigger thank you to the customer for allowing us to be a part of your home!!

Work Requests From Rhinebeck, NY
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
We have a hybrid water heater so floors above are cold in the winter. We've had some standard insulation but not so effective. The are is pretty small. The house is 100 years old - the house itself is well insulated.
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
We have an old house with very high heating costs. We want to properly insulate the house to reduce energy costs.
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
We have an older home that needs insulating and energy upgrades. Thanks!
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Have been in the home for about 10 months, have lots of different ideas for improvements, but not quite sure where best to start.
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Ice daming around window
Project Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Very high electric use .