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Before and After Pictures from Kingston
Attic in Kingston, NY

Attic in Kingston, NY

Before After
Attic in Kingston, NY Attic in Kingston, NY

This homeowner complained of cold bedrooms. The floor was only 6 inches deep and there was only 3 inches of fiberglass insulation inside. There were also boards on top of the attic floor so that it could be used for storage, with large gaps between the insulation and the flooring. These large gaps cause unnecessary air flow from the outside into the house, causing uneven temperatures between floors in the home. In the summer, your uppermost floor can become uncomfortably hot if this is the case with your attic!

Our insulation experts installed a Superdeck, comprised 4 inches of SilverGlo rigid insulation with 5 inches of dense packed cellulose below. The insulation was then covered with a durable, cleanable plywood surface, making the area better suited for storage and super insulating the floor area to keep the bedrooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer - another happy customer in Kingston, NY! 

Super knee wall in Kingston, NY

Super knee wall in Kingston, NY

Before After
Super knee wall in Kingston, NY Super knee wall in Kingston, NY

This kneewall space was poorly insulated prior to our expert insulators arrival. Our team installed Silverglo and air sealed with zypfoam to properly insulate the area. 

Rim joists insulation in Kingston, NY

Rim joists insulation in Kingston, NY

Before After
Rim joists insulation in Kingston, NY Rim joists insulation in Kingston, NY

This basement space was leaking cold air up into the home prior to our expert insulation. Our installation team insulated the rim joists with silverglo and further more air sealed with zypfoam. 

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Kingston, NY Trusted Attic Insulation and Energy Audit Specialist

Everything was wonderful and the staff was very helpful and sweet. I so appreciate the help from Global Dwelling. I...
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Reviews From Kingston
Testimonials From Kingston
My house feels warmer already!!!!!!!!!John, the crew Greg, Spencer, Sean & Dino where great... they took care of all the issues and did a great job...
Testimonial by Sherri C. from Kingston, NY
The entire staff at Global Dwelling were very helpful from start to finish. I am looking forward to the savings
Testimonial by Paul C. from Kingston, NY
My family and I want to send out appreciation for the exemplary work your crew performed on our home this summer. I was hesitant at first, doubting anyone's...
Testimonial by Donald W. from Kingston, NY

Global Dwelling has been the chosen professionals of Kingston, NY for all home improvements needed. We are a full-service contractor specializing in energy efficiency upgrades and home insulation. Our extensive range of services encompasses attic insulation, basement & crawlspace insulation, dehumidifiers, air sealing, ductwork solutions, and more! Don’t hesitate, and get in contact with us today to learn more about our services, and how we can fix your uncomfortable home!

Attic Insulation Improvements

One of the best ways to save money and provide your home with more even temperatures is with attic insulation. With a quick installation, you can have a permanent, no-maintenance, energy saving improvement. We specialize in:

  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Ice Damming
  • Attic Mold Services
  • Radiant Barrier
  • & More!

Basement & Crawl Space Insulation

With our innovative basement and crawlspace insulation products, you don’t have to worry about soggy, moldy, fiberglass batt insulation that can easily fall out of place. Crawlspaces and basements perform better when they are properly insulated and sealed. These upgrades not only are energy efficient, but help protect the foundation and durability of your home down the road. With our basement flooring, basement wall insulation, dehumidifiers, and more, we can help you pick the right solution for your home!

Air Sealing Solutions

We offer FREE home energy audits. Air sealing your attic, windows, basements, and other areas of your home, will save you money, and increase the energy efficiency of your home. We offer blower door tests, ductwork solutions, and more to help save you money and allow you to see improvements immediately.

Job Stories From Kingston, NY
New Conditioned Attic for Mrs. F in Kingston, NY

These homeowners wanted to upgrade their current unconditioned attic space into an area for more than just storage as it was being used before we arrived. These homeowners were more than excited when we told them that we had the best insulation solution to achieve this goal! They called the right team of insulation contractors to do just the right job! 


In order to transform this space into their dream studio, our insulation experts first started by installing Foamax boards along the slopes of the attic. Next, they got to one of the most important parts of our insulation transformation process, which is air-sealing between these boards with ZypFoam and further sealed with vapor barrier tape. These homeowners still needed space for storage. So we created access to their knee walls, previously unconditioned, with Foamax boards and air sealed with ZypFoam! This allows the homeowners to add already existing unconditioned space that was outside of the thermal envelope of their home to be brought into the conditioned space of the home and into the thermal envelope! 


Once the job was completed the homeowners were pleased to have a space they could use for their new studio and untapped space with the potential to add more space to utilize for storage. You can now say they are experiencing more than their home had to offer them while now enjoying the best of both worlds!

New Conditioned Attic for Mrs. F in Kingston, NY - Photo 1
No More Uncomfortable Home for Mr. W!

When Mr. W initially called us, he had concerns about his home's overall performance and knew he needed the right team of experts to provide him with the best possible solution. When we sent one of our highly trained home comfort specialists to provide a home comfort evaluation of the home, it was discovered during the evaluation that Mr. W's attic was poorly insulated with old fiberglass insulation. In order to restore peace of mind to the homeowners, our team of experts needed to upgrade the insulation in the attic space. 


When our team of insulation experts arrived at the home, the first step in the upgrade process they took was to remove all of the old batt fiberglass insulation that was in the attic area. After the removal, the space was then ready for our experts to air-seal with ZypFoam. Our experts air-seal the area to ensure that all and any easily accessible air penetrations no longer let in any wanted or leaky air in and out of the space. Lastly, with the air-sealing completed, our experts then insulate the space with our premier method of insulation, blown-in cellulose! Our TruSoft cellulose is known to be both energy-efficient and cost-effective, this insulation method also insulated up to an R-value of 60!


Once we completed the attic insulation upgrade for Mr. W he said that he noticed an almost immediate difference in temperature within his home! He was more than happy that he chose the right team of insulation experts, and we were more than happy to restore his peace of mind. Thank you, Mr. W! 



Insulating Rim Joists for Mrs. A

Mrs. A knew that the performance of her house needed to be improved by upgrading and insulating her basement but she wasn't sure what needed to be done. We scheduled Mrs. A for a home energy audit that would provide her with a very thorough evaluation of her home and give solutions to the problems she initially contacted us with. Upon the evaluation, our home comfort specialist discovered that her home was underperforming due to the lack of insulation in her basement area. Our home comfort specialist provided her with a solution to upgrade the space by insulating the rim joists and exterior walls. 


The first step in insulating the rim joist for Mrs. A was to remove and dispose all of the old batt fiberglass insulation that was in the ceiling of the crawlspace. Our team then went in and air sealed the area with ZypFoam to ensure that all possible air penetrations would be closed. After the accessible points were sealed, our team of experts then insulated all of the exterior walls and the rim joists in the space with SilverGlo boards which were then sealed together with ZypFoam and then further secured together with vapor barrier tape. 


After the completion Mrs. A noted that she felt an almost significant difference in the feeling of her home and noticed that the work completed was reflecting in the cost of her energy bills in the short months to follow. Mrs. A thanks us for the upgrade and we thank her for her business! 

Why Did Mr. K Choose Us?

After doing some research on insulation services in his area, Mr. K found our team here at Global Dwelling. He saw on our website that we offer home comfort evaluations and gave us a call to find out more about what that means. After the phone call, Mr. K gained knowledge that a home comfort evaluation and a home energy audit are the same thing and booked an appointment with us. He wanted someone with experience to tell him how he could find ways in which he could improve the overall performance of his home. 


We sent out one of our highly trained and experienced home comfort specialists to his home to provide a very thorough evaluation and to provide the best plan possible on how we can help upgrade his home. Our home comfort specialist informed Mr. K that he would need to enhance his attic space by upgrading the current insulation method that was installed in the space. 


The first step in the process was for our team to remove and dispose of all of the old batt fiberglass insulation that was no longer keeping the space well insulated. Our team then went in and air-sealed the space to make sure that there was no longer any leaking or wanted air going in and out of accessible air points. After the air-sealing was completed, our team then went and properly insulated the space with TruSoft blown-in cellulose. This method was a great method for Mr. K, because not only does it insulate to an R-60 value, but it is also energy-efficient and can be a direct link to lowering energy bills for a home! 


Mr. K was pleased with the work he had completed and happy he found us during his search for the best team of expert insulators in his area. 

Upgraded Attic Insulation for Mrs. S

Before our expert team of insulators arrived at Mrs. S's home, it was poorly insulated and was no longer providing comfort. The home was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and Mrs. S knew she needed the right team of experts to fix her home. Mrs. S called us here at Global Dwelling because she knew that we would be the experts to help fix her problem. We sent out one of our highly trained and experienced home comfort specialists to her home to provide a very thorough home evaluation to find all of the problem areas she was experiencing. The evaluation showed that the attic space had little to no insulation and needed to be upgraded with a new insulation method. 


The first step our team of experts took was to air seal all of the possible air penetrations that were in the space, they completed this step by sealing the areas with ZypFoam in order to significantly decrease the number of points in the attic. The next step our team of insulation experts completed was to upgrade the space by insulating the space with our premier insulation method known as blown-in cellulose! This insulation method is great for the attic because this material will insulate the space up to a 60 R-Value!


After our team upgraded the attic space with our method of insulation, Mrs. S felt an immediate difference as well as saw an immediate difference in her energy bills! Our blown-in cellulose is both cost-effective and energy-efficient! Mrs. S now has her peace of mind restored and can relax knowing her home is now well insulated!

Upgraded Attic Insulation for Mrs. S - Photo 1Upgraded Attic Insulation for Mrs. S - Photo 2
Attic Insulation for Mrs. S

Before our team of insulation experts arrived, this home was poorly insulated, which was disrupting Mrs. S's peace of mind. She knew to call the right team of insulation experts to fix her uncomfortable home! Our home comfort specialist went to her home to complete a very thorough evaluation of her home to find all of the problem areas. Upon the evaluation, it was discovered that the attic was poorly insulated with old batt fiberglass insulation which was no longer energy efficient. 


Our team of insulation experts started the installation process by removing all of the old batt fiberglass insulation. After the removal, our team then went and air sealed all of the air penetrations in the space with ZypFoam. After, our team of experts then upgraded the space with our energy-efficient and cost-effective method of insulation known as Tru-Soft blown-in cellulose! Not only does this material improve the home, but is also non-flammable and water resistant. This material is made out of recycled material including newspaper and is treated with a naturally occurring salt called borate, which helps keep any rodents or insects out. 


We were more than happy to help fix Mrs. S's uncomfortable home and to provide her with the best plan possible! 

Attic Insulation for Mrs. S - Photo 1Attic Insulation for Mrs. S - Photo 2
Reducing High Energy Bills for This Home!

Mr. M knew the potential his attic could achieve, he just needed the right team in order to make his vision come true! Mr. M wanted to turn his attic into a conditioned and livable space also known as a SuperAttic. He had concerns about lowering his high costing energy bills. Our team of experienced insulators went to work right away to turn Mr. M's attic into a SuperAttic. Our experts wanted to tackle and fix the un-comfortability that Mr. M was feeling in his own home as soon as possible. 


The first step in the 8-day process began with providing a very thorough evaluation of Mr. M's home by one of our highly trained home comfort specialists. During this evaluation it was discovered that Mr. M's current attic condition was very poorly insulated, leaving the attic to be the source of why his energy bills were high costing. In order to ensure that his home would be more energy-efficient, more comfortable, and cost-effective, the best solution for Mr. M was to remove the old insulation and upgrade to our more efficient insulation methods. Our experts then started the process of improvement for the attic, the first step they tackled was the removal of all of the old batt insulation that was causing energy inefficiencies for the home. Our team of experts then installed Foamax Boards with "blown-in" cellulose dense-packed behind to further insulated the space. They then air sealed the space with SprayFoam to further ensure that the area was impenetrable to any accessible points of access for air to leak out of. 


Safe to say that Mr. M was delighted with the completion of the project and even more satisfied with the immediate difference in his energy bills and comfort in his home. Mr. M can now have peace of mind knowing that he will no longer suffer from high-cost energy bills and have a properly insulated SuperAttic! 

Reducing High Energy Bills for This Home! - Photo 1Reducing High Energy Bills for This Home! - Photo 2
Work Requests From Kingston, NY
Project Location: Kingston, NY
We have had our crawl space encapsulated. We also had the previous insulation wrapped out. We are looking into getting new insulation between the crawl space and basement flooring but have a limited budget. We are looking for recommendations and an estimate for the optimal but most affordable way to insulate the space.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
I'm interested in having my ducts sealed. There are three return vents and two outlet vents. Can you tell me how much that might run for a two story home with a furnace in the basement? Thanks! ~ Edward
Project Location: Kingston, NY
I would like to get my house insulated
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Hello, we're looking for a quote on basement ceiling insulation in our home. Thank you!
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Adequate attic insulation
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Would like a quote on insulating crawl space
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Looking to Re-insulate under my mobile home as soon as possible
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Would like an estimate for the crawl space ceiling approximately 19 x 19.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
I would like to do a NYSERDA Home Energy Audit. I am also interested in getting my finished attic insulated.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Our house was built in 1890. It is very drafty. When we moved in we had the attic and basement insulated, and that helped. At the very least, we now need to have our Add-on (30x15) insulated, both the walls and the crawl space. we might possibly need to do the entire house (2 story 1400 square feet). I would love estimates for both jobs.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
We would like to have our outer walls at roof insulated. Please contact me to set up day and time.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Interested in putting spray foam insulation in our attic ceiling
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Attic insulation 20x 80 ft
Project Location: Kingston, NY
HI--some years ago, you did an energy audit and did a couple of insulation jobs in the house. I didn't do more because of cost. Now I believe I am eligible for some financial assistance. I would like to insulate my attic and the finished rooms on the attic level. I guess you'd have to get behind the sheetrock in the other rooms. Also I am concerned about some of the windows up there. I'd love a free estimate of what could be done and how much it would cost and what help I could get. Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Attic sections to have old insulation removed and redone.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Getting astronomical electric bills and wildly fluctuating kWh readings. I want to know if they are accurate and if so, how
Project Location: Kingston, NY
We'd like to insulate the attic.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Energy usage has been extremely high over the last couple of months for no apparent reason.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
Turn of the century balloon framed home with stucco exterior. no insulation in walls. interested in installing dense pack cellulose in the walls.
Project Location: Kingston, NY
We have a badly insulated kit house style bungalow built in 1927. We will be having the wood board siding repainted soon, and it seemed like the right time to install insulation between the siding and the interior walls. Our house gets very cold in the winter, and we're interested in any steps we can take to mitigate that. We are also interested in your energy audit.