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Improve home efficiency and comfort with your Albany insulation experts

Does your home have rooms that are uncomfortably cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Are you tired of dealing with rising heating and cooling costs? If these problems sound familiar, the local insulation experts at Global Dwelling are here to help!

As the local affiliate of the national Dr. Energy Saver network, Global Dwelling provides the highest quality insulation products and services available. Our services will help create a more comfortable home while saving you money on your energy bills. If you're interested in improving your home's energy efficiency, contact us today to get started with a free estimate!

Our home energy services in Albany

Insufficient or missing insulation causes your home to waste energy. Without proper insulation, the heat you pay for will escape during the winter, and hot air from the outside will make your home more difficult to cool in the summer. Our experts can provide you with a full home energy audit to identify the best solutions to your needs and provide you with quality installation. Our home insulation services include:

  • Home energy audits
  • Attic insulation
  • Basement & crawl space insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Duct sealing
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation

If you're interested in saving money on your heating and cooling costs while creating a more comfortable home, contact the local insulation experts at Global Dwelling today. We offer free estimates on all our home energy services in Albany and the nearby areas in New York!

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This crawlspace was poorly insulated prior to our arrival. Our experts arrived and began by removing all of the old microfiber insulation. Then they air sealed with Zypfoam and insulated with Foamax board and vapor barrier encapsulation system! 

Job Stories From Albany, NY
Upgraded Attic Insulation For Mr. B in Albany, NY!

When Mr. B first called us here at Global Dwelling, he was concerned about the performance of his home. So we sent one of our highly trained, home comfort specialists to his home to provide the best possible solution to improve the overall performance! Our home comfort specialist found that Mr. B needed the insulation method in his attic upgraded in order to improve the energy efficiency of his home. 


Our insulation experts were quick to arrive at his home and start our insulation method upgrade! Our team of insulation contractors first started by removing the old insulation method that was in the attic space. Once removed, our experts then disposed of all of the insulation and debris that was also in the space. Once the attic was cleared, our experts were then able to properly air-seal the attic with ZypFoam. When our experts complete air-sealing in the attic space, they use ZypFoam to thoroughly ensure that all of the once accessible air penetrations in the space are no longer allowing leaky or unwanted air. Once the attic air-sealing was completed, our insulation experts then were ready to upgrade the attic space with our premier method of insulation, blown-in cellulose! Our experts blew in 18 inches of cellulose which then settled to 16 inches and will insulate the home to an R-value of 60!

Attic Insulation for Mrs. G

Mrs. G noticed that her home was starting to become uncomfortable. She wanted to make sure that the problem she was experiencing would not get worse as the summer months started to get increasingly hot. After searching the web for insulation experts in her area, she found our team here at Global Dwelling. 


Mrs. G gave our appointment center a call to schedule a home comfort evaluation and was then assigned with a home comfort specialist to provide her with the best plan possible to fix her uncomfortable home. During the home comfort evaluation, it was discovered that the home was experiencing problems because it was poorly insulated with old fiberglass insulation and in some areas, did not have insulation at all. 


Our team went straight away to remove and dispose of any of the old batt fiberglass insulation that was still in the space. Our team of insulation experts then air-sealed the area which significantly seals any and all possible air penetrations. Our team of experts then installed our warm and fluffy blown-in cellulose! When this material is blown into an attic space it can insulate up to an R-60 value!


Mrs. G was thankful to have chosen the right team of insulation experts, the method she chose is known to be cost-effective as well as energy efficient. She immediately noticed a difference in her home and now has peace of mind knowing she will continue to feel the difference in the changing seasons. 


Attic Insulation for Mrs. G - Photo 1Attic Insulation for Mrs. G - Photo 2
Work Requests From Albany, NY
Project Location: Albany, NY
I would like an estimate for adding additional insulation to my attic.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Amount of my bill. We have a gas furnace and stove and only one room in our house with electric heat
Project Location: Albany, NY
Just bought house. Interested in seeing how much installation would be.
Project Location: Albany, NY
My house was built in 1927. It is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I am looking for affordable ways that I can make the house more comfortable and more sustainable.
Project Location: Albany, NY
I have a finished attic and it gets extremely hot up there in the summer. I was looking for solutions to keep it cool.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Concerned about my bill I have never received 400$ bill in my life me and my roommate live in this apartment using only two lights and heat for few hours I don't know what is going on I can't pay I paid my rent money towards this bill please help me something is wrong !!!!
Project Location: Albany, NY
Every winter, back of house is freezing, including a back bedroom, the laundry room, and the kitchen. Looking to better insulate the area.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Need and energy saving solution for our older home.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Cold floors over capsulated crawl space - lots of cold air still - Maybe floor joist insulation might be a solution. Thanks
Project Location: Albany, NY
Need sound proof barrier between first and second floor of a 2 family residence.
Project Location: Albany, NY
My gas bills seem high for this house. I'd like to know what, if anything, can be done to lose less heat to the outdoors.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Want insulation to cut down on heating bills in a home I just purchased. 98 year old 2 story home.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Back of the house don't have any insulation and during the winter it get extremely cold which makes the kitchen cold and high heat bill
Project Location: Albany, NY
Would like insulation blown into first story walls. There is currently no insulation there.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Our attic needs to be cleaned out and insulation replaced as soon as possible.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Want to convert garage attached to house, into an art studio.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Looking for a NYSERDA approved foam installer. I am already approved.
Project Location: Albany, NY
Basement wall insulation
Project Location: Albany, NY
Recently purchased a new home and want to get an estimate for insulating the attic and walls.
Project Location: Albany, NY
I have a very poorly insulated cape cod built in 1948. My newly installed HE boiler can't keep up with the temperature and my upstairs is very cold. I also live close to the thruway and like the idea of insulation that provides noise dampening as well
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