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Making Floors Warmer in White Lake, NY!

Prior to the arrival of our insulation experts, these homeowners were suffering from freezing cold floors. We sent one of our highly trained and experienced home comfort specialist to their home to perform a home energy audit to find all of the home's energy efficiency problems. Our specialist found that the crawlspace below the home had exposed exterior walls that were not insulated and that the crawlspace floor did not have an encapsulation system to protect it against outside elements. 


Our experts were quick to arrive! Our experts first started by removing any debris or old insulation that was in the space. They then installed our total clean space encapsulation system. Our system is a combination of a drainage matt that is secured with vapor barrier tape which is then completed with a vapor barrier placed on top. Both the drainage matt and vapor barrier are secured together with vapor barrier tape. The total clean space encapsulation system was then secured to the exposed exterior walls when our insulation experts insulated the walls with SprayFoam!


These homeowners no longer have to worry about freezing cold floors this upcoming winter! 

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