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Insulation Materials Case Studies: Lowering Heating & Cooling Bills in Poughkeepsie, NY

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 by Gamal Marquette


Peter called us and explained that he was looking for a way to reduce his high energy bills. The lack of insulation was making his upper floors uncomfortable in the summer (raising his air conditioning costs) and chilly in the winter (raising his heating bills). The sloped ceilings over the bedrooms were completely uninsulated, which is typical for a 1940’s home, and there had been no thought of preventing heated air from leaking into the attic.

On the day of his appointment, Gamal listened to Peter’s concerns and experiences living in the house. Gamal then inspected the house, from top to bottom, and explained his findings as he went along. He found that the attic floor had large seams and separations between the construction materials, and holes made for electric wires were also leaking a lot of heated air into the vented attic.

Gamal also found that the basement door leading to the bilco doors was an old barn door held shut with a concrete block. This door was letting in a HUGE amount of cold air into the heated basement during the winter. Gamal also determined that the attic was incredibly under-insulated with only 3 inches of old and dusty fiberglass!


Gamal sat with Peter and explained the issues that were causing the high heating bills and the drafty rooms. He went over the solutions and helped Peter to put together a plan that worked best for him.

Two weeks later, production manager Spencer arrived and went over the scope of work to be done with Peter. The crew removed the old fiberglass first. Then they carefully air sealed the entire attic floor to prevent heated air from leaking into the attic. The next step was to build an insulated catwalk so that Peter would still have access to perform any routine maintenance. Finally, the attic was insulated with 16 inches of blown in cellulose insulation. Truesoft Cellulose provides an excellent insulation value and will not rot, mold, or burn. It is also a green product, made from recycled newspaper. Spencer also installed a new fire rated door with a foam core at the base of the bilco stairs in the basement. 

The whole job took only 3 days, and Peter is thrilled with the work. His house now holds heat better in the winter and stays cool in the summer, and costs less to do so. 

Project Summary

Energy Auditor & Sales Mgr: Gamal Marquette

Production Manager: Spencer Chrisjohn

Products & Services: Truesoft Cellulose Insulation; Air Sealing; Fire Door with Foam Core

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