Understanding Home Performance

In this video John explains home performance as the scientific concept that considers every house as a system comprised of different, smaller systems. Here’s the catch: every system influences the rest, which makes home performance so very crucial to home health.

For that reason, Dr. Energy Saver by Global Dwelling adopts a holistic, whole-house approach when evaluating individual problems like comfort, energy consumption and indoor air quality issues. The goal is not to solve one single issue, but improve the overall home performance in all these areas.

Call Dr. Energy Saver by Global Dwelling if you’re experiencing discomfort inside your home, with rooms that are too cold or too hot, cold drafts and cold floors during the winter, high humidity and musty odors during the summer, indoor allergies year-round, or if your energy bills are just too high. Schedule a comprehensive home energy audit and see how our certified and trained professionals can help you make your home greener and more comfortable. We service Woodstock to Kingston and Hudson to Saugerties.

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