Are Windows & Doors the Main Cause of Energy Loss in My Home?

John and his team often encounter homeowners that are concerned about their windows and doors, which may be the result of some misinformation gathered over time. In fact, the vast majority of homeowners credit their windows and doors as the single major source of air leakage.

That is a very common misconception according to John. While air does often leak through windows and doors, most whole-house evaluations show that windows and doors are far from being the most significant source of energy waste.

Because the air inside a building always moves upwards, areas like the attic and the basement are usually the biggest sources of energy waste. Experience shows that once these areas are treated, the minor leakages typically found around windows and doors are actually necessary to provide the needed air exchange to keep the home healthy.

While energy-efficient replacement windows and doors are always a desirable feature, they are not usually the first upgrade to tackle when it comes to improving overall energy performance -- unless the existing windows are very old and damaged. 

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