Advantages of Working with a NYSERDA Certified Contractor

Dr. Energy Saver by Global Dwelling is  a NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) certified contractor, which provides New York homeowners with many advantages!

The first benefit is quality assurance. Certified companies are required to uphold strict quality standards. Their work is routinely inspected to make sure these standards are met and that the entire scope of work was completed.

NYSERDA also provides training to certified contractors to ensure they are always up to date in the most recent technologies, practices and the cutting-edge of building performance.

Through a NYSERDA certified contractor, homeowners also have access to discounts and state incentive programs. Depending on their income level, they may even qualify for subsidies and low interest loans.

In addition, qualified homeowners can actually get the work done without any money out of pocket, save money on their energy bills and live in a healthier and more comfortable home. “We want everyone to benefit from what we have to offer!” says John.

For more information about how NYSERDA-certified Dr. Energy Saver by Global Dwelling can help you and your family live more efficiently and comfortably, contact us to schedule a FREE Quote. We service Woodstock to Saugerties and Hudson to Kingston .

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