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Energy Saving Upgrades & Rebates in New York

Home energy specialists with financing solutions Albany County

Financing options for home energy-efficient home upgrades in Albany County

Global Dwelling provides full-service energy-saving upgrades, making the process easy to understand and seamless.

Global Dwelling believes maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and valuable home is important. What better way to do just that than by contacting us to diagnose your home for energy upgrades and repairs?

With our unique home energy audit, we will be able to identify areas in your home that may be costing you more money. Once your home energy audit is complete, our experts can discuss an array of energy savings as well as state and federal rebates to help you save money on your energy-efficient home upgrades.

We work with:

  • Homeowners: Assuring you understand our work, how it will save you energy and money, and that you have access to financial assistance.
  • Architects & Builders: We Guarantee that everyone installing your upgrades has the right tools and knowledge for the job. Energy efficiency starts from the ground up!
  • Real Estate Professionals: Whether your clients are buying or selling their homes, we want to provide our energy-saving assistance to whoever needs it.
  • Communities: We assure that our energy-saving upgrades are compliant with energy and building codes to not only improve the home, but also the community overall.

During our in-house visit, your home energy specialist can explain our rebates and energy-saving upgrades, and how they can work for you. Call 1-845-256-0019 or click below to schedule a free estimate on any of our services, including our home energy assessment, in Albany County, including New Paltz, Kingston, Albany, and nearby today!

Free or reduced-cost whole-house energy assessments

Home energy assessment & home energy auditors in Albany County

By identifying energy-wasting, we can suggest solutions that will improve your home's performance and comfort. Click the photo to enlarge.

The technicians at Global Dwelling specialize in energy-saving home upgrades that reduce your utility bills, boost home comfort, and improve your home's performance. But before anything, our specialists assess your home to identify energy-wasting areas that are costing you more money.

Our home energy audit includes:

  • A visual inspection of living spaces, the attic, the basement, the crawl space, & other home areas.
  • Diagnostic testing with an infrared camera & a blower door.
  • BPI certified health and safety tests on combustible appliances such as the stove, furnace, water heater, & more.

After a 2 to 3 hour comprehensive home energy assessment, we provide a report that details the existing condition of your home, identifying areas where energy-efficient home upgrades can be made.

Rebates & incentives available for energy-saving upgrades

Valuable Rebate Resources

Click the link below for PDF files on the federal tax credit guidelines and an available federal credit worksheet!

We believe energy-saving upgrades should be available to everyone and since we are all about savings and value, we want to make sure you have access to the rebate programs and incentives we offer, in addition to what New York provides. 

We offer many energy-saving solutions, from home energy conservation, renewable energy, air sealing, radiant barrier installation, and home insulation.

Energy Rebates and Incentives in New York

There are several ways to save, from federal tax credits and rebate programs to savings programs and more. For a valuable list of energy rebates in NY, make sure you visit the DSIRE site. Once on the site, locate New York and read about the programs for which you qualify.

Have questions? We'd love to discuss how you can best utilize energy-saving rebates and incentives!

Cost-saving rebates for your energy-efficient home upgrades

As your trusted energy contractor in New York, we are certified and trained to suggest the appropriate repairs and provide reliable work. To contact us regarding financing, rebates, and savings, schedule a home energy audit today!

Global Dwelling offers many services for which you can apply financing, energy rebates, or specified energy savings in New Paltz, Kingston, Albany, Gardiner, Delmar, Wallkill, Stone Ridge, Milton, Saugerties, Hurley, and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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