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Attic insulation in Forestburgh, NY

This attic was poorly insulated and not available for storage use. Our insulating experts arrived and properly insulated the area and installed a storage deck and catwalk. They used Zypfoam to air seal the attic space and further insulated with blow-in cellulose!

KneeWall Insulation In Hankins, NY

This kneewall space was poorly insulated prior to our teams arrival. Our experts air sealed and insulated the space with silverglo and fire foam.

Insulating Floor of Addition in Monticello, NY

To combat cold floors, Global Dwelling added blown cellulose insulation to the floors via access holes drilled into the exposed plywood under this home addition.
After dense packing the floor cavities, our crew sealed the access holes with a second layer of plywood sealed at the seams with spray foam. These insulation measures will stop drafts and keep this family's floors warm in the winter.

Before and After Of Upgraded Insulation in Liberty, NY

When our experts first arrived at this home, it was uncomfortable and poorly insulated with old batt fiberglass insulation. Our experts were quick to fix this problem for the homeowners before the home's energy inefficiency began showing a significant change in their energy bills. Our insulation contractors first started by removing all of the old poorly insulated fiberglass that was in the area. Our experts then did the most important step in our attic insulation installation process, attic air-sealing! We completed this step by using ZypFoam to thoroughly seal any easily accessible air penetrations in the space. Once our insulation experts completed this step, they then insulated the space up to an R-value of 60, with our TruSoft cellulose! This was the perfect attic insulation upgrade for the home since our premier method is known to be cost-effective. 

Upgraded Attic Insulation in Fallsburg, NY

Prior to our insulation expert's arrival, this home was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. We sent one of our highly trained home comfort specialists to the home to provide an energy audit in order to see what was causing the home to become energy inefficient. Upon the audit, it was found that the attic space was poorly insulated with old batt fiberglass insulation that needed to be removed and replaced. Our team of experts was quick to fix this uncomfortable home! They first started by removing all of the old fiberglass insulation that was in the area. Our insulation experts then thoroughly air-sealed the area with ZypFoam to ensure that all easy and accessible air penetrations were sealed from any leaky or unwanted air. Lastly, our team upgraded this space with our warming, fluffy, blown-in cellulose! Our premier method of insulation insulates up to an R-value of 60 and is known to be both energy-efficient and cost-effective! We were more than happy to be the right team of experts to fix this uncomfortable home! 

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